15 Dec 2009

Texas and Cowboy magazines on sale at

Author: James Taylor | Filed under: Community Journalism


I am a big reader – books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, anything I can get my hands on.

Magazines especially provide a great content-to-cost ratio, and a monthly subscription keeps that content fresh and tasty. is doing a limited-time sale right now on many magazines, including quite a few cowboy, horse, and Texas-themed mags I thought readers might be interested in, such as:

Texas Monthly

American Cowboy

Horse Illustrated

Horse Journal

The Trail Rider

I don’t have an Amazon Affiliate profile, so these go straight to the Amazon product pages for these mags. I’m renewing several of my favorites like Fast Company, Esquire, and Inc. while the sale is on. As I understand it, the sale ends on Dec. 19.

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