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April Scott from Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas sends word via comment on our original coverage that the dachshunds rescued last month from a Utopia puppy mill are now in their care.

They are in need of donations, foster homes and adopters.

Read more on their web site,

29 Dec 2009

Dachshund rescue update

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Now this was one heck of a partay.

DJs Crizzly, Hauss-Style, Bog and Lazy K threw down some incredible beats for five hours at the Pipe Creek Community Center on Monday, kicking off Christmas break in delicious bass-saturated style.

I had the pleasure of shooting photos and video alongside my videographer mate, fellow Bandera High School grad Caleb Burnett.

I had a blast and I can’t wait for the next event – grapevine says we might see another concert at the end of January. I’ll keep you posted.

You can view some of my favorite photos from the event attached to this post.

To view the full photo gallery, click here.

To view Caleb’s photo set, click here.

For high-def video and audio from the event on YouTube, click here.

To watch my audio slideshow with over 560 images from Tannen-Bombz, click here.

To let me know what you think, post a comment below, drop me an e-mail to, hit me up on Twitter @BanderaOutlaw, or call/text me at 830-688-1564.


Lakehills freelance photographer Ken Lane just posted his series of sports photos from last night’s Bandera Bulldogs vs. Llano Yellowjackets basketball games, freshmen, JV and varsity.

Here’s his commentary on the games:

I arrived in time to shoot the last half of the freshman game and a bit of the second quarter. Llano struggled to keep up with Bandera’s freshman and when the game ended, Bandera freshman had 40 to Llano’s 17.

The JV game was a stronger rout although the scores were somewhat closer, 60-42. Llano had a couple players throwing elbows, and fortunately it was caught by the refs; Llano paid the piper.

The Varsity game was much closer. The lead swapped back and forth several times with neither side able to draw away by more than four points. Within the last five minutes of the game Llano looked like they were not going to be able to stop Bandera from winning if they didn’t up their game.

Instead they chose to get very physical. Bandera has a hard time stretching their lead as every time they tried for a lay-up under the goal, Llano applied a “lay-on-top” of Bandera. Incredibly, the referee didn’t seem to see a problem with that.

At one point, a Llano player so soundly clobbered Jeffrey Jensen when he was going up for a lay-up that he temporarily came out of the game and apologized to the Bandera coaches. That didn’t keep another Llano player from grabbing a Bandera jersey and trying to physically throw the player in it out of bounds. Yeah, that didn’t go over too well either.

If those events weren’t enough, a scramble for the ball almost came to fisticuffs due to the manner in which the Llano player went after the ball.

Too physical for high school ball and unprofessional if done in the pros.

With 31 seconds left in the varsity game and a score of 38-36 in favor of Bandera, Llano fouled Jensen, who put two points on the board. Llano immediately fouled him again and Jensen put one of two points on the board.

Bandera held Llano to 36 and the game ended 41-36, Bandera.

18 Dec 2009

Photos: Ken Lane posts Bandera vs. Llano pics

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I am a big reader – books, magazines, blogs, newspapers, anything I can get my hands on.

Magazines especially provide a great content-to-cost ratio, and a monthly subscription keeps that content fresh and tasty. is doing a limited-time sale right now on many magazines, including quite a few cowboy, horse, and Texas-themed mags I thought readers might be interested in, such as:

Texas Monthly

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I don’t have an Amazon Affiliate profile, so these go straight to the Amazon product pages for these mags. I’m renewing several of my favorites like Fast Company, Esquire, and Inc. while the sale is on. As I understand it, the sale ends on Dec. 19.

15 Dec 2009

Texas and Cowboy magazines on sale at

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It’s no secret that I love choir.

I did four years myself back in my high school days at Bandera, including as president and student director under director Jerry Neuenschwander. I met my then-wife-to-be on my first day of choir class. If it weren’t for choir solos, I think I’d have never been given the opportunity to know people in so many different cliques and walks of life. Music is an integral part of my every waking moment.

You can safely say choir class did more for me in life and love than just about anything else in high school.

It’s always with great pleasure that I photograph the Bandera choirs whenever I can. You can find my full album of photos from tonight’s Bandera Middle School and High School Holiday Choir Concert in the Gallery.


Parades are a fun and dynamic event to shoot for a photographer. You never know what your light’s going to be like, you never know who or what you’ll see in the parade, and you almost always have 360 degrees of access to shoot from.

Outlaw Goodwill Ambassador Canon and I took in this morning’s Holiday Parade from the Courthouse lawn to snap a few close-ups of the floats and their riders. Bulletin editor Jessica Hawley-Jerome was officially on-duty shooting the parade for the newspaper, so I double-teamed from a different angle. When we work an event together, we try to catch different people and different perspectives to give the best coverage as we can.

Outlaw Baby Photographer Jacklen and Outlaw Spokesmodel McCayla were on board the Girl Scouts float and had fun tossing candy to parade-goers.

The evening turned extra cold for the Cowboy Campfire Christmas with the Kemp Family Singers, Lee Haile and his stories, the Riverside Players’ presentation of the nativity, and other performances down at the Bandera City Park, my favorite place to take photos in the wide world.

You can find all of my images from the two events in the Gallery: Bandera Holiday Parade here, and Cowboy Campfire Christmas here.


Cowboy Christmas is always a fun event to photograph out front of the Bandera County Courthouse. The live nativity, choral singers, Bandera High School band and carolers, youth dance classes, open-late merchants and Christmas lights at the Bandera City Park kick off the Christmas season in Bandera.

You can find all of my photos from tonight’s festivities in the Gallery.

Don’t forget about the holiday parade tomorrow at 11 a.m. (watch for Outlaw Spokesmodel McCayla riding on the Girl Scouts float!) and Cowboy Campfire Christmas at the City Park at 5 p.m.

I’ll see you guys there!


Great basketball games tonight in Bandera between the Lady Bulldogs and Medina Valley Lady Panthers.

I caught the last half of the freshman game (Bandera won by one or two points, I missed the final score, after a pair of clutch free-throws by Brittanie Palacios) and all of junior varsity (Bandera won big, 45-24) and varsity (MV won 54-45).

I shot tight tonight, so I went ahead and put all the images (93, including black and white selects) into one album, which you can find in the Gallery. You can see some of my favorites below.

Looks like a quiet sports schedule throughout December. I may swing out to Lakehills tomorrow and check out the Martial Arts classes there. Have anything you would like to see covered? Leave a comment below, e-mail me at, tweet me @BanderaOutlaw, or call/text me at 830-688-1564.

1 Dec 2009

Photos: Bandera Lady Bulldogs vs. Medina Valley Lady Panthers

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