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April Scott from Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas sends word via comment on our original coverage that the dachshunds rescued last month from a Utopia puppy mill are now in their care.

They are in need of donations, foster homes and adopters.

Read more on their web site,

29 Dec 2009

Dachshund rescue update

Author: James Taylor | Filed under: Community Journalism


Update: Read Bulletin Managing Editor Jessica Hawley-Jerome’s story on the dachshund rescue, now posted to Four children living in “deplorable” conditions were also taken from the puppy mill property by Child Protective Services.

We received breaking news this morning of a massive seizure by Bandera County Animal Control. Bulletin Managing Editor Jessica Hawley-Jerome and I drove out to the pound to talk with officials and take photos; the result you can see in the surrounding photos.

These sweet-tempered little dachshunds, 43 of them (the largest seizure ever in Bandera County, according to officials), were rescued from an alleged puppy mill in Utopia.

It was a blessing to cross paths with these little fellows and ladies and take their photos for the newspaper. You can see more photos and read Jessica’s story in the Wednesday edition of the Bulletin.

Visit the Bandera County Animal Control web site for information on how you can help give animals a better future here in our community.

23 Nov 2009

43 dachshunds seized in Utopia puppy mill bust

Author: James Taylor | Filed under: Community Journalism