22 Nov 2009

Welcome Back – or, Bandera Bulldogs vs. Ingleside Mustangs Photo Gallery posted

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Missed me?

As you can see from the surrounding photos, headway has been made in the “camera situation” at the newspaper.

By hook or by crook, I’m back to making the best photos I’m capable of, my hands untied and camera gear ready to rock after a prolonged hibernation.

You can view all of my photos from yesterday’s Bandera Bulldogs vs. Ingleside Mustangs varsity football playoff game over at the Bulletin’s account or in the Photo Gallery (pro tip: is faster, the images are bigger and higher quality and you don’t need a degree in Computer Science just to look at them).

Below are some of my personal picks from the gallery. Let me know what you think: comment below, hit me up on Twitter @BanderaOutlaw, e-mail me at, or call/text me at 830-688-1564.

My friends, it is so good to be back.

(UPDATE: Check out Spencer Smith’s gallery of photos from the Bandera-Ingleside game at

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  1. Awesome photography! I especially love the black and white images in the rain! Bandera and Medina athletes are lucky to have you photographing their games!

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